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We have a passion for helping our clients manage and preserve wealth.

Advanced Wealth Management Group is a forward-thinking firm comprised of committed professionals who deliver personalized guidance and a unique standard of care.  Our mission is to be an essential partner to our clients by taking a “listen first, act second” approach to coaching them in the pursuit of what matters most financially.  Our commitment to this mission is defined by three core principles.

Why choose us?

  • Through our Collaborative Approach, we provide our clients with clarity and confidence around their preparedness for the future.

  • Our clients take comfort in the Personalized Guidance that we provide, knowing we have a genuine interest in their goals and will use every ounce of our ability and our resources to get the job done.

  • We strive to exceed our clients’ expectations as part of our commitment to building Lasting Relationships.

What we do

We bring together all the pieces of our clients’ financial lives.  We understand that the complexities of wealth are often confusing and overwhelming for our clients. Therefore, it is with a sense of purpose and responsibility that we bring a “Coach and Guide” mindset to every interaction.  This approach is designed to instill confidence, comfort, and assurance.

Kathleen Zinniel

Kathleen M. Zinniel

Client Service Director

Kimberlee Grayson

Kimberlee Grayson

Business Processing Specialist

Charles  Peszneker

Charles Peszneker

Office Manager

Hannah Schulz

Hannah Schulz

Case Design Associate

Karsten Gonzalez

Karsten Gonzalez

Manager, Concierge Services

Rob  Beveroth

Rob Beveroth

Registered Representative

Rose  Winkels

Rose Winkels

Manager of Books and Records

Toni  Brask

Toni Brask

Client Service Associate

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